Workshops and Events run by Sevati are all about integrating yoga and meditation into our everyday living through various types of meditations and movement that can work for everyone. As we are all different and respond differently to various techniques I create workshops that allow people to find what works with and for them. During my workshops you will experience sets of exercises and various meditations, you will work with sound of crystal bowls and gong but also sound of your own voice which is most powerful tool you already have.


However, as Sevati was always aimed at promoting and sharing the knowledge of the Universe you are also invited to explore workshops that are run by people from all walks of life which will be organised by me and promoted on Sevati website.





13.09.2017 or 14.09.2017


price: 30£ prebooking/35£ @theDoor

Come and meet the Shamans from Pachamama Temple in Peru.

Shamans will be visiting Europe this September traveling to Austria, Netherlands and giving limited talks in London. They will share the history of Shipibo tribe which maintains a strong tribal identity and retains many of their prehistoric shamanic traditions and beliefs. Chief among their traditions is the Ayahuasca ceremony. Both Shaman Luis and Feliciano will talk about their work with this sacred medicines, traditional plant dietas and shamanic culture. They will be accompanied by Dominic who is the founder of Pachamama Temple. There will also be a chance to ask questions and possibility to find out more about upcoming 7 and 12 days Yoga and Ayahuasca retreats in Pachamama Temple in Peru. As the Temple offers longer stays for those who are interested in a more in-depth study of the medicine, while also experiencing traditional plant dietas and study Shipibo culture do not miss the opportunity to meet these real life Shamans, spend time in their wonderful presence and find out about Pachamama Temple which has been created to meet the modern challenges and growing demands of a world in need of healing


Shamans will be available for two evenings

Please book appropriate

Wednesday 13.09.2017 at 18:30

Thursday 14.09.2017 at 18:30


To be confirmed soon



Maestro Feliciano Marquez Pinedo is the eldest Son of Mama Rosa. Feliciano’s Shipibo name is Kanan Bets which means a man with a good profile and talented in business. After finishing primary school, Feliciano joined his godfather Lucio Cabra, a Mestizo healer, in working as a laborer in the timber industry along the Tamaya River. Feliciano became very ill when he was 39. He sought out a local plant healer named Wakapoko who was able to treat him and who imparted significant knowledge of plant medicines to Feliciano. When he was recovered, he furthered his studies by completing a 9 year apprenticeship with shaman Daniel Ramos. On his shamanistic voyage, Feliciano found a deep connection to Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Christian saints and angels. He often gives a blessing after singing his Icaros, showing that the Christian religion and the ancient traditions of Amazonian shamanism do not have to be mutually exclusive. Prior to working at the Pachamama Temple, Feliciano worked in multiple centers in the city of Tarapoto and other parts of Peru.


MAESTRO LUIS MARQUEZ PINEDO (Teacher Ceremonial Sssistant)

Maestro Luis Marquez Pinedo is Mama Rosa’s middle son. Luis is very involved with designing our education programs for the Pachamama Shipibo School and will teach Language, Culture and History as our vision for the school comes to fruition. His Shipibo name is Soi Sani which means wonderful, sociable and friendly man. This name suits him well as he is all of the above. From early childhood Luis knew he wanted to be a teacher and after he finished high school he received a grant to study in the Bilingual Teachers of the Amazon Training Program. Luis has served as Principal in Santa Elisa, Pedagogic Director of the public Bilingual Institute in Yarinacocha, and as a Teacher Training Specialist at the University of the Peruvian Amazon. In 1999 Maestro Luis travelled to Germany to support the transcription of the Shipibo language to Spanish by the Peruvian linguist Pilar Valenzuela. The book was published under the name Koshi Shinanya Aibo for those who are interested. Luis has been working for the the last few years as an advisor and monitor at the University Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Like all the other members in his family, he was brought up around Shamanism and Ayahuasca. He has extensive knowledge of medicinal plants and sings many Icaros in ceremony.



Dominik is the Founder of Pachamama Temple. He works with Mama Rosa and her sons in developing the Pachamama centre and promoting Shamanic traditions of Shipibo tribe. He spends his time travelling between Europe and Peru spreading the knowledge and experience he gained during his travels. His goal is to connect people to each other and create spaces where they can feel safe and continue on the path of their inner discovery which he has initiated by founding Pachamama Temple.


Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre

The National Sikh Resource Centre,

Dominion Road

Southall, Middlesex UB2 5DP




Suggested donation 13£

Achieving Equilibrium in Life & Meditation for the Heart Centre


Please come and join me for this life changing two and a half hour workshop led by me on the 12th of August in Southall. I will incorporate sound of my healing Earth Gong and Sacral and Heart singing bowls to fully allow you release, relax and achieve balance in your life.

With this powerful set and meditation we will activate the hatha (sun-moon or Pingala and Ida) and Shushumana through the pure physical force. This wonderful kriya moves air in the body and brings equilibrium to the entire system.

In the yogic tradition, we refer to the air as ‘Vayu’. The main centre of operation for the Vayu is the chest region (fourth chakra) which includes principal organs and glands; lungs, heart, thymus. Allowing the flow of air and love to fill our body, mind and soul helps to establish the magical connection with our Heart Centre.

Yogi Bhajan taught that the key to out physical and mental health is to keep our praana vayus balanced, flowing and functional and that according to the ( ancient) scientific facts the entire function of the body is not muscular and is not nervous either, it is in the vayus ( those air forces).


“Regulate the giver of your life and you will always be in your self-consolidated ecstasy”


July New Moon is all about testing your patience. It is all about your nerves, the energy, action, and anger. You may be feeling excited and unpredictable and so this time will be great for burning up the hot, angry and erratic energy in a safe way before it escapes your body in an uncontrolled and dangerous way.

There is no better way than joining this two and half hours workshop to help you bring the awareness of this dynamic energy in you. It will help you breakthrough and reinvigorate your life.


This workshop will integrate gentle yoga movement fused with mediation to release your emotions and any build up of anger or irritation. All will be followed by one hour of crystal bowls and gong healing relaxation. Don’t miss this opportunity. New moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another so this is an excellent time for making a fresh start and join-ing this workshop.

Hot Yoga Wimbledon

7 Elm Grove, Wimbledon

London SW19 4HE




with Gong and Crystal Bowls



price: 20£ prebooking/25£ @theDoor

Italy Farm Stay

Via Colledardo 8

Pescosolido 03030

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+39 340 251 7941

Yoga, Meditation and

Sound Healing in Italy



Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing Retreat in Italy


Arrive anytime between 4th -18th of October to find your balance in beautiful surroundings of Italy Farm Stay

You need a break from your everyday life, you want to stop and catch a breath, find yourself or simply relax and get deeper into yoga and meditation. Come and join me in Italy this October. I will be teaching daily classes for two weeks, offering kundalini yoga classes, occasional laughter yoga classes, passive-active dynamic meditation sessions, sound healing with crystal bowls, gong baths and much much more.


Italy is the tranquil escape that you have been searching for so join me to just simply relax, de-stress from the culture of today's busy society or to enjoy the spiritual benefits of yoga that could prove to be a life changing experience. No previous yoga or meditation experience is needed and this will be unforgettable and transformational time for you. You are not bound by strict arrival and leaving dates so plan it yourself and stay for however long you like. Come for a weekend, three, four days or stay for a week or two. For details on accommodation please contact

For super cheap tickets to Rome in October just search Internet. You can get to Rome in less the £50 this October.

If you want to know more about what I can offer you this autumn please contact me directly


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