Kids Yoga


Children yoga class is an amazing experience for kids. In today’s world children from a very young age are under a lot of pressure, whether it is at school or among their peers and yoga can be a great solution to help them calm down, relax and forget about their everyday problems.


Every class integrates physical movement and sound but during such class they will also learn some breathing practices which will help them in stressful situations at school. The class always finish with easy meditation and deep relaxation. Kids yoga is lots of fun, giggles and stretching in accessible way for children to learn through enjoying themselves and exploration of their abilities. It promotes physical strength because kids learn to use all of their muscles in new ways. It not only strengthens the mind and body connection but allows to develop concentration, focus and above all boosts kids self-esteem Yoga is beneficial to children of all ages and can be practises in more fun way from the age of 2. And as kids grow up the class will get a bit more serious and deeper with poses exploration and longer meditations which will allow older kids to experience the calming down techniques so much needed in grown up life.



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